Electrochemistry Powers the Future

Electrochemical devices are essential to modern life. But designing the next generation of batteries, fuel cells, and electrolysers isn’t always so straight-forward. Modelling can help us develop innovative designs.

Why Electrochemical Modelling?

Battery and hydrogen energy storage are essential to technological progress in the 21st century. But predicting the performance and lifetime of these devices is complicated. It depends on a variety of intricate and coupled processes.

Electrochemical modelling tools offer designers and researchers a way to peek inside the device to better understand what is happening and why. With these tools, they can evaluate the effects new materials or designs and optimize the performance.

What Do We Offer?

This site features open-source modelling tools and resources dedicated to helping advance the electrochemical modelling community.

BattMo is a toolbox for continuum modelling of batteries in MATLAB. It leverages powerful solvers and efficient meshing tools to perform dynamic 1D, 2D, or 3D simulations of battery cells. It is designed to be flexible for both Li-ion and post-Li-ion battery chemistries.

Who Are We?

The core group of contributors to this site are scientists and engineers at the research institute SINTEF in Norway. We collaborate with international groups throughout Europe and beyond. If you are interested to learn more about our projects or a potential collaboration, please feel free to contact us.


Battery Modelling News Round-Up!

  • BattMo is a Toolbox for Modelling Electrochemical Devices
    Electrochemistry powers the future. BattMo is a flexible and powerful simulation tool to accelerate the design of electrochemical devices. Across many different industries, there is a growing demand for electrification and electrochemical energy storage. From the mobility of people and goods on land, sea, or in the air, to the integration of renewable energy sources … Read more